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Umbrella Waterfall

Newly explored Spell-casting Umbrella Waterfall.

Among Abottabad KPK Pakistan’s stunning waterfalls, the Umbrella Waterfall is no exception. The Sajikot waterfall, just outside of Poona Village, may be seen from this vantage point as well. Unique and beautiful nature architecture make the Umbrella Waterfall a popular tourist destination. In addition, there is a stream of crystal clear water running through the large rocks. The water showers provide a breathtaking spectacle that revitalizes the spirit, and awe-inspiring natural beauty may be felt in the atmosphere in the ambrella waterfall.

The Sajikot waterfall is 4 kilometers away from the umbrella water fall. Following a 4-kilometer journey, the route takes a left turn and leads to Umbrela Waterfall. Parking is readily accessible in that area. Motorcycle parking costs 50 Pakistani rupees, whereas parking for cars costs 100 rupees. Getting a drink is easy because of the abundance of stores and cafés in the suburbs of umbrella waterfall Pakistan. Pakoras, an Asian meal with potatoes and other vegetables, are the perfect accompaniments for a cup of tea.

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Umbrella Waterfall Pakistan’s Trekk

To go to Umbrella waterfall Abottabad, you’ll need to descend the slope for 20-25 minutes. The distance isn’t too great, but the trail has a bit of an incline. However,  you should wear appropriate hiking shoes or footwear that you’re comfy with, as you’ll find it much easier going forward. There are large, slick rocks near the umbrella waterfall on the last descent. The soles of your shoes should be able to grip the ground well. For the descent, the locals have made use of ropes strung which are used to go o reach the actual destination. They charge between 20 and 50 PKR to descend down (the amount might vary). It’s possible to descend without utilizing a rope if you’re physically capable of doing so. In addition, it will take around 40 minutes to return to the road. Even if the ascent is challenging, going slow and steady is the key to success. It might be dangerous when it’s raining, so we advise you all to check whether update before going there. Considering the scenario, you should take good care of the hiking equipment to reach umbrella waterfall Pakistan.

The outstanding Ponds of Umbrella Waterfall Abbottabad

The umbrella waterfall is fed by freshwater that seeps through the porous rocks. Enjoy the beauty of the area’s natural water ponds. For swimmers, the natural water of the umbrella waterfall is a perk. Nevertheless,  it’s also important to use caution when diving in deep waters. Numerous shallow spots are widely present there, dangerous for high diving and swimming. If you are not much into swimming, you can stand beneath the waterfall, which is a beautiful experience. In the summer, you may enjoy the water a lot, despite the fact that it’s chilly. Several waterfalls are present, which are no doubt exceptional, but this is the first of its sort as lush green umbrella-shaped plants along with sprinkle water take the breathe and leave flesh and blood with amusement and amazement. One of the highlights of the umbrella waterfall trip is seeing this waterfall for the first time.

After the monsoon season, the water of the ponds rises high, and it is the best time to visit the umbrella waterfall. Check the weather forecast before heading to the Umbrella waterfall, though. Rainy seasons may be harmful. Since umbrella waterfall is getting popular day by day, it is better to go there during weekdays.

Best places to visit in Abbottabad

Abbottabad is not only home to an umbrella waterfall. It has many beautiful places that can turn your trip into a tour. Abbottabad visiting places have beauty, charm, and peace beyond imagination.

The very first worth-visiting place of Abbottabad is Nathia Gali. It is a famous hill station in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, situated at the heart of the Galyat range. It is 86 kilometers away from Islamabad via the Kashmir highway, which takes about three hours to drive. Tourists are drawn here by the area’s breathtaking natural scenery, hiking trails, and pleasant climate. Throughout the year, the temperature is typically between 25 and -10 ° c. In January and December, the temperature drops to about -8 ℃. Because of its higher elevation, it is much more relaxed than the surrounding area. The second most beautiful and historically charming place is Ilyasi mosque, Abbottabad’s largest and oldest mosque. A trickle of water still flows beneath the Ilyasi Mosque. It stands in front of a small pond. Imposing structure and serene atmosphere are the hallmarks of the beautiful Ilyasi mosque. A natural spring with medicinal properties is also located in the area.

The highest point in the Galyat region is Miranjani Top:  9816 ft above sea level and 4.69 km in length. It takes novices about three to four hours to ascend. Climbing is possible via two different routes. Tracks 1 and 2 begin at NathiaGali and Dagri Bangla Resthouse, respectively. Mukeshpuri is the second-highest mountain in the Galyat region, after Miranjani. Located directly over the DungaGali at the height of 9200 feet. For four kilometers, you’ll be climbing steadily and safely. However, if it’s snowing, it can be risky. It takes about three hours to get to the top of the mountain. Climbers have a choice of two routes. Trekking from Nathiagali or the track in Dungagali is the two options for getting there. Subalpine conifer forests cover the vast majority of the land. At the summit, you’ll be rewarded with a stunning panorama!

The Sajikot waterfall can be found in Abbottabad’s Havelian Tehsil. The distance from Abbottabad is around 47 kilometers. Many other waterfalls may be found in the town, but Sajikot waterfall stands out because of its stunning beauty! Apart from these mentioned places, you can visit Jalal Baba auditorium and Thandiani.

Waterfalls in Islamabad

Pakistan is not alien to waterfalls, and you can find various waterfalls, especially in Islamabad. Umbrella waterfall in Islamabad is especially the center of attraction. However, some of the famous and infamous waterfalls in Islamabad are Noori waterfall, Kuri waterfall, Shumber waterfall, Ficus Spring, Bissa waterfall, Nila Sandh, Bruti Top, etc.