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Swat Valley

Everything You Need to Know for Your Swat, Kalam and Kumrat Trip

Swat Valley, Before you can hit the road for Swat, you should plan your Swat trip. We have described everything that you should know for your Swat and Kalam.

Swat is a beautiful district located in KPK. It is part of the Malakand division. The breathtaking views of Swat are enough to excite any tourist. People prefer to visit Swat in summer to witness its beautiful green areas. It is known as the Switzerland of the East due to its beauty and mesmerizing natural sights.

Swat is known as one of the most beautiful areas of KPK, and tourists love to visit Swat because of its high waterfalls, emerald green and cobalt blue lakes, fresh green alpine trees and meadows and calm spell casting rivers. Swat is also famous for Tabassum Adnan, a citizen of Swat, who has been nominated for the Women Building Peace Award in the USA.

Kalam and Kumrat are two enchanting Swat valleys that attract nature lovers from all corners of the world.

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Temperature and Weather of Sawat, Kalam and Kumrat

Tourists are in deep love with Swat and its valleys, and they are always eager to fly to their passion. However, most of the new tourists are not aware that some parts of Swat face heavy snowfall in winter, and they might get stuck if they travel to Swat during those months. So, keeping this in mind, we have designed this section for you to know which time suits you best as per your taste.

Like other regions of Pakistan, Swat also has four beautiful and colourful seasons. We have compiled a table for you to have an idea about Swat valley weather. But it is crucial to note that the weather of Swat’s parts like Kalam might differ. So here, a generic season Swat valley weather is given.








November to February




March to May




June to September




October to November

swat valley

Swat valley remains the centre of attention throughout the year, but tourists love to fill their memories with beautiful scenic beauty in April and May. We also suggest a Swat trip in October and November if you love to enjoy a light and mild snowfall. On the other hand, you should not plan your Swat Kalam tour in December and January.

Kalam is a valley that should be on your “must-visit places” list. However, the best time to fill your heart with memories and cameras and cell phones with awesome pics of Kalam are from April to September. But again, December to March can be your best month to visit Kalam in case of snowfall love as Kalam temperature plunges low and land in negative territory. So another important thing is that make Google your best friend and search for “Swat temperature today” and “Kalam temperature” before starting your journey and then plan accordingly.

Sometimes Kalam temperature can give you a hard time, so it is best to plan ahead. However, the weather of Swat Kalam is friendly in summer, spring and autumn. That’s why this season and their respective months are considered best for the Swat trip.

Distance of Sawat from different cities

Islamabad to Swat is a beautiful journey, and you can reach there in 4.03 hours if you drive at 50KM per hour. Either a road trip or you take an aeroplane to reach Swat; in both cases, the beauty of the Swat journey is inexplicable. Islamabad to Swat distance is 201 KM, but this beautiful road makes the trip much more memorable.

Lahore to Swat journey might take you 9.41 hours. However, this journey has its own charms and perks; you can rest approximately the first 5 hours to freshen your mind, but after 5 hours, you will feel that you are going to the paradise of earth. The total distance from Lahore to Swat is 470 KM.

Swat to Kumrat valley distance would not take you forever, and it is a worth visiting place. Kumrat valley has fascinating places and heart-stealing views. The actual Swat to Kumrat valley distance is 52.8 KM.

Best places to visit in Swat

Kalam valley is the first one on the list. Kalam is 99KM away from the main Swat valley, but this place is worth visiting as the fluvial Swat river encircles Kalam valley, and beautiful green hills stand high to see and beautify this fantastic valley. You can visit Ushor, Utror, Gabral and Matiltan. These are beautiful hilly areas. These parts are famous for hiking. Another popular tourist activity is fishing.

Kumrat valley stands opposite Gabriel and is ideal for camping. You indeed have to travel 52.8 Km from Swat to reach Kumrat, but trust us, you won’t feel tired after getting to Kumrat Valley. You can also visit beautiful resorts and hotels after hiking for 3 hours to the town. Kumrat is rich with mesmerizing and stupefying visiting places like Jandrai, Kalkot Banda, Badagoi Pass, Do Kala Chashma Lake, Jahaz Banda, and Katora Lake.

Maydan is third on our list. It is a green hill station and invites tourists for hiking and trekking. The atmosphere is friendly and pleasant. Swat River adds beauty to Maydan, and tourists love to spend their time in this hill station. Bahrain is alongside hill station Maydan. You can also visit this place when you get to Maydan as Bahrain is a base camp to Daral & Saidgai lakes.

Swat has many lakes like Mahudand Lake, Khwar lake, Kundal lake, Saifullah Lake, and Saidgai Lake. Additionally, you can also visit the high waterfall, Shingrai.

Swat valley has many other religious, hilly, historical and scenic locations to visit. Marghuzar is a beautiful small village with historical significance. This aesthetic village was built by Wali-e-Swat Jahanzeb in 1940. Saidu Sharif is the centre of the Swat valley administration and is named after their local hero and leader Saidu Baba. Saidu Sharif tomb has a museum called Swat museum. Finally, no one can forget to visit Malam Jabba, a beautiful and ski resort.

We have enlisted all other places to visit in Swat below:

  • Fight Park
  • Error Valley
  • Khapero Lake
  • Shahi Bagh Swat
  • Alpari
  • Falak Sar

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