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8 Best Hotels in Kalam Valley

A hotel is where you stay half of your time during your trip to Kalam, Swat, and should be the best hotel in Kalam.

Best kalam hotel list availabel



Available WIFI


Neat and Clean

All Rooms and washroom very cleane


Garden and parking

neat and clean garden for born fire

Kashmir hotel detail in 2022

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But the struggle to find cheap hotels in Kalam in terms of rate is real. We have saved you from this struggle as we provide you with the list of best hotels in Kalam Swat along with all required details such as basic and additional facilities and the rate.

Cheap Hotels in Kalam

cheap hotels in Kalam

When we call cheap hotels in Kalam, we mean in terms of prices only as we can’t and will never compromise on the basic amenities you will have there. We have searched out and designed this list so you can have quality time with your family without thinking about the rates. Most importantly, we have tried to dig and find the golds so that you will have additional facilities too. Most of them are 3-star hotels but are good for value.

Relax Cottage Kalam

best hotel in Kalam

We have chosen the best hotel in Kalam to start with, providing you with basic amenities such as free parking, breakfast, and wifi. Apart from these basic facilities, this hotel has an excellent view. Picturesque and mesmerizing views are the very reason tourists visit Kalam. Moreover, this is one of the good hotels in Swat Kalam to stay with family because the location is peaceful.

Hotel Diamond Hills

Hotel diamond hills is another top and the best hotel in Kalam at cheap rates. Starting with the views obviously; the views are extraordinary as it is near to Ushar forest and surrounded by the beautiful mountains. The rooms are spacious, with clean and newly renovated washrooms. Moreover, the basic amenities such as free parking, free wifi, and free breakfast.

Amin Hotel Kalam Swat

Amin Hotel in Kalam Swat is an average option for those who want to stay in Kalam and enjoy their trip at reasonable prices. The amenities here are very basic, like free breakfast and free wifi. No parking is available; therefore, you might face issues. Nevertheless, the scenery is awesome and breathtaking.

Pet-friendly good hotels in Kalam

Per-lovers are the most ignored category. Many people have pets and love to take them on tours and trips, but the issue they mostly face is the limitation on bringing the pets into the hotels. Check out the pet-friendly best hotel in Kalam, Pakistan.

Jungle Inn Hotel Kalam

The name is after the animal’s habitant; however, this place is also for tamed animals. You can bring your pets and enjoy a trip there with all the basic amenities and luxurious facilities. Indeed, you will have free parking, breakfast, and wifi here. Still, a few more plausible facilities will make your trip more enjoyable, such as food, location, restaurant, and microwave and coffee maker availability in the rooms. The price is high, but it is worth it due to the peace, comfort, and beautiful location. This is worth staying as it is the best hotel in Kalam, Swat, Pakistan.

Maria Hotel and resort

Maria hotel and resort is the best hotel in Kalam for your whole family, including your pets. The building of this hotel is newly built, secured, and well-furnished. The taste of food is extraordinary. Guests have loved their environment, including General Manager, rooms, and location.

Kalam Continental Hotel

Various hotels in Kalam are pet-friendly, but this hotel is a bit different as it has a special airport-shuttle facility. Apart from the basic facility, the location of this hotel is just wow.

Royal Inn hotel

Two terms that explain this hotel perfectly are ‘exceptionally awesome’ and ‘pet-friendly.’ The location of this hotel speaks for itself as staying at this hotel is like a mini-trip. The food, the environment, the safety, and the humbleness and cooperation of the staff are just unprecedented.

Waterview Hotel and Restaurant

This hotel is okay in terms of prices and the facilities, but this place is not an ideal option for your family. The building is pretty ordinary, and the facilities are just okay. Certainly, we can’t call this hotel the best hotel in Kalam.

5-star hotels in Kalam

5-star hotels in Kalam is one of the major demand of most people visiting from different parts, but the issue is the lack of availability of 5-star hotels in Kalam. There are 2-star, 3-star, and even 4-star hotels in Kalam valley. The best hotel in Kalam is a 3-star hotel with reasonable prices.

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