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Best hotels in Hunza Valley, Pakistan

Hunza is the home of worth-watching and worth-knowing heritage shown in the best hotels in Hunza.

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Kashmir hotel detail in 2022

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About Hunza Hotels

Hunza Valley is enriched with the picturesque beauty of tall trees, lakes and rivers, and snow-capped mountains. But any adventurer or tourist needs to rest properly to enjoy the trip and capture the heart-stealing beauty. What if you are on tour and find out that you made a BIG MISTAKE by not checking the best hotels in Hunza? What if you selected a hotel in Hunza which does not have enough services like hot water in winter, a restaurant, parking, and so on? Take a chill as we present you the list of best Hotels in Hunza Pakistan which has all the required facilities. So, let’s get started!

Eagle’s Nest Hotel in Hunza

Top hotels in Hunza Karimabad.

The name might excite you, and you would be wondering if this hotel provides you with a chance you enjoy the true beauty of Hunza? Yes, this hotel provides a panoramic view of Hunza’s most beautiful and aesthetic mountains. This hotel is the first choice of the adventurers and tourists who visit Hunza because it is near the historical fort, Altit Fort. You need to drive only for 18 minutes to get there. Apart from the spell-casting mountains, you can witness and enjoy the most romantic sunset at Eagle’s Nest Hotel. Moreover, you will find all the required services here as it is best for adventures, family tours, friends trip, university trips, and honeymoons. In a nutshell, this hotel is among the top hotels in Hunza Karimabad.

Tourist Cottage Hotel

 Best hotels in Karimabad Hunza

Tourist Cottage Hotel is the best one if you don’t want to enjoy the mountains only and want to buy stuff. You will find many best hotels in Karimabad Hunza, but this one will just steal your heart if you are a true tourist. Undoubtedly, the mountainous beauty of Hunza will leave you speechless; however, you might want to shoot for your vlogs and know the culture of Hunza. In this case, this hotel is perfect for you. This hotel in Hunza KArimabad will take only a 9-minute walk to Karimabad Bazar. The most awesome thing about this hotel for tourists is its walking distance from Baltit Fort. Furthermore, the price is reasonable.


is a small, friendly, and beautiful hotel to stay in and take some never-forgetting memories with you. It is located at 14 minute drive from Altit Fort. This hotel is one of the best hotels in Hunza for families since a small family itself manages it. In their behavior, you will let you know about the true hospitality nature of the Hunza people. Like all other hotels in Karimabad Hunza, Hunza Nexus Grace Resort and Hotel also has breathtaking views. Nevertheless, the price range of this hotel is a bit higher than other hotels in Hunza Karimabad.

World Roof Hotel Hunza

Indeed, this hotel has awesome, amazing, and worth-capturing views of the mountains of Hunza. But the worth-mentioning thing about this hotel is the permission to bring pets! Yes, you can bring your pets as this hotel is pet friendly. Among all the best hotels in Hunza, this hotel provides free parking, free WiFi, and free breakfast. The staff of this hotel is cooperative, and you will have 24 hours room service. One of the visitors’ most appreciated things about this hotel is its location. This hotel is located near Baltit fort.

Famree Resort Hunza

Famree Resort Hunza is one of the few 5-star hotels in Hunza. This resort provides the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful views of Attabad Lake. Moreover, it has many rarely provided facilities in Hunza like BBQ, pets permission, and a Garden. You can select the room of your choice since they have a variety of rooms. Due to the location of this hotel, it is a dream place for couples.

Hunza Elites

Last but not the least, Hunza Elites is located on the outskirts of the Hunza Valley, and you can enjoy dreamy views of the Rakaposhi. From the sights to the restaurant, everything here is worth praising. Hunza Elites is one of the best hotels in Hunza as it provides different facilities such as free parking, restaurant, room service, free WiFi, and so on. If you don’t want to stay in any hotel in Hunza Karimabad, Hunza Elites is your ultimate stop!

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