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Hotels in Kashmir as per your needs!

Imagine you are on tour to the most beautiful place in the northern areas of Pakistan, Kashmir, but you forgot to search for hotels in Kashmir! Yes, that is a problematic condition! Now, stop imagining.

Best kashmir hotel list availabel



Available WIFI


Neat and Clean

All Rooms and washroom very cleane


Garden and parking

neat and clean garden for born fire

Kashmir hotel detail in 2022

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Hotels in Kashmir

You are saved because you are reading a quick guide about hotels in Kashmir according to your needs.

Pakistan Road Trips’ experts have designed this article because we are aware of the fact that trips can be of different types, and your needs and requirements would vary. You can find many hotels in Kashmir valley, but not all of them are according to your needs. What if you are an adventurer and book a romantic 5-star hotel in Mirpur Azad Kashmir? Yeah, that would be awkward for you and your adventure partner. Considering this fact, we are presenting the list of hotels in Kashmir from which you can select the best hotels in Jammu and Kashmir and enjoy your tour and trip.

Hotels in Kashmir Pakistan for Adventurers

The list of best hotels is continued to the 100s, but it is important to know which hotel in Kashmir is best according to the nature of your trip. In Pakistan, most adventurers have a keen interest in the trips and tours, and they practically go to these places to quench their thirst for adventure.

Kutton Jagran Resort

Starting with Kutton Jagran Resort which is located in Muzaffarabad. This hotel is a 3-star hotel that offers reasonable prices to its guests. However, you have to travel a lot to reach adventurous points of Kashmir Valley.

Holidays in Kashmir

You can find many hotels in Mirpur Azad Kashmir but Holidays in Kashmir is a 3-star hotel in Kashmir’s city, the new Mirpur. The prices they offer go justly with their services like hot water all the time, cleanliness and so on.

Heaven in hills Arang Kel

Kel valley is known for its esthetic beauty, so what if you get the chance to spend your quality time in the heart of this valley? Yes, Heaven in hills Arang Kel hotel is one of the best hotels in Kel valley Azad Kashmir, with a reasonable price structure and good services.

Other hotels in Jammu and Kashmir for adventurers are:

  • Sangam hotel
  • Marjan Hotel
  • Neelum View Hotel
  • Sharda Highland Hotel

Romantic Hotels in Kashmir

Pakistanis and other tourists from different corners of the world are fond of the mesmerizing beauty of Heaven on Earth, Kashmir. Tourists usually dream of spending their honeymoon period in Kashmir valley; therefore, a 5-star hotel in Kashmir valley would be a great option. Nevertheless, to the disappointment of the tourists, there is no list of 5-star hotels in Kashmir. All you have is The Pearl Continental Hotel. Other romantic hotels in Kashmir valley are not 5-star, but their services are top-notch, views are spell casting, and prices are reasonable. In a nutshell, these hotels in Kashmir are enough to make never-forgetting memories with your partner.

Grand Regency Hotel

Grand Regency Hotel is a 3-star hotel which different types of rooms for couples, such as standard king room and Executive suite. This hotel has a restaurant too, which means you can spend more time with your loving partner instead of going out of the hotel to order something.

Heaven Dreams Guest House

The name of this hotel is based on the location. The greenery, the views, and the services ensure a care-free stay. The rooms of these hotels are not much romantic, but the location is heart-stealing.

Highland Resort/Farmhouse

The locations of all hotels in Kashmir are worth praising, but this hotel has the most beautiful location in Chikar. The greenish emerald trees, the longstanding mountains, and the milky clouds add tons of beauty to the location of Highland Resort. Moreover, this hotel has four distinctive services which are not available in other hotels in Kashmir’s Chikar: free WiFi, restaurant, room service, and dinner buffet.

Hotel Orash Lodges

The hotel Orash lodges is also a “very good” hotel rayed by the visitors. This hotel is also good for honeymoons as sightseeing is excellent along with the services and charges. Hotel Orash lodges are one of the highest-rated hotels in Kashmir in terms of sightseeing and cleanliness.

All of the hotels in Kashmir are good, but it is often advised by the experts that visitors should check the Google review rating of the hotel before checking in as it will help them in knowing from the true experience of other visitors.

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