Umbrella Waterfall: A guide that answers all of your questions!

Who doesn’t like to leave the boring life behind and steal a few moments with extraordinary natural places like the umbrella waterfall?! But people face many problems when they try to hang out and make memories with their loved ones. A beautiful natural beauty to fill your heart and cell phone memory with is Umbrella Waterfall Islamabad; however, tourists face many problems on their way to umbrella water fall and even when they reach there. Sweat not! We have prepared a guide to answer all of your questions and clear all your doubts about the umberalla water fall.

Umbrella Waterfall

Where is the umbrella waterfall in Pakistan?

The waterfall known as Umbrella Waterfall is located in the Sajikot region of Abbottabad District. The Umbrella waterfall location is ideal for chilling and family picnic. As a new tourist destination in Pakistan’s KPK area. 27 kilometers from Havelian, the waterfall is accessible by car. Poona is a 30- to 45-minute hike from the waterfall, depending on your fitness level.

Umbrella Waterfall

What is the umbrella waterfall track from Islamabad?

The whole journey from Islamabad to Poona village via Pir Sohawa is roughly 100 kilometers. The automobile will take 2.5 hours to reach Sajikot through the Margalla Hills Pir Sohawa / Sangada / Nalla Hazara route. The road was recently constructed and is in good shape. Furthermore, there will be virtually little traffic on this road. The most excellent part is that the sights along the way are both breathtaking and peaceful. Also, if you’ve gone to the Nooran Di Dand waterfall, you’ll find it easy to get there. There is an alternate route along the Hazara highway. You must take the freeway to Havelian and then turn left into the Sajikot Bazar road. The distance between Havelian to the Umbrella waterfall is roughly 27 kilometers. Another magnificent waterfall along the road is the Sajikot waterfall. It is closed due to visitors and management failing to take enough safety procedures. The Sajikot waterfall is quite deep, and swimming without a life jacket is not recommended.

Is umbrella waterfall secure to take families, children, and females?

The Umbrella Waterfall Abbottabad in Haripur’s Poona Village is safe for families to visit, and swimming there is not unsafe. Umbrela waterfall’s waters have never seen a mugging or a drowning. The Sajjikot waterfall pool is slippery and deceptive, so don’t get too near. There has been a total of 23 deaths at this location.

Umbrella Waterfall

Which season is best to visit the umbrella waterfall?

Families go to Umbrella Waterfall Pakistan during peak season, which runs from May to September, even in the off-season. Going to the umbrella waterfall after the monsoon season is best in case you want to witness the most fantastic weather. There is an increase in water levels all across. However, before heading to Umbrella Waterfall, make sure to check the latest weather report. During the rainy season, the situation might become perilous.

What time is best to visit the umbrella waterfall?

Umbrella waterfall is best visited on weekdays. As it becomes more and more popular each day. As a result, the waterfall sees a spike in traffic on the weekends. As a result, the area becomes quite congested. If you want to get the most out of your visit, plan to arrive early in the morning on weekdays. But to ensure that you and your family have the most excellent place for photos at Umbrella Waterfall’s downstream side, you need to arrive there early in the morning.

Umbrella Waterfall

What is the umbrella waterfall track?

The Umbrella waterfall hike begins near the parking lot. To reach the Poona waterfall Abottabad, one must descend the slope for 20-25 minutes. The distance is short, but the hike is challenging. The hike is challenging for non-hikers, but it is worthwhile to visit. If you are wearing appropriate hiking shoes or shoes that are comfy for you. There are large, slippery rocks near the waterfall as you descent the last section. Make certain that your footwear has a decent grip. For descending, the locals have tied ropes. You can use them as per requirement. They will charge you between 20 and 50 Pkr. Depending on your physical capabilities, you can also descend without using the rope.

Furthermore, the trek back to the road will take around 40 minutes. The ascent is challenging, but you may go slowly and steadily. During the wet season, it becomes pretty slick. As a result, you should constantly take good care of your hiking or trekking equipment.

Which are the essential things to take umbrella waterfall?

Bring food with you. You may cook food and enjoy nature with your friends and family there. Please respect the environment, relax, and enjoy your day. To be on the safe side, the umbrella waterfall track would necessitate the use of Trekkers or Shoes. Another essential item is a Puncture Kit (for bikers). The route is rather rough, and you may require it. Rain Coat is indispensable for those who do not wish to be near water. However, you may swim in Shorts as well.

Umbrella Waterfall

Additional information and guidance to reach umbrella waterfall safely and enjoy the trip:

  • The return trek takes at least 45 minutes and is rather steep.
  • Families typically picnic upstream; however, the most attractive location is downstream.
  • The guide charges Rs 100 for the most outstanding photo opportunities — compensate them!
  • Some well-mannered porters and guides will keep your things secure in their safe box for Rs. 100.
  • It takes 3 hours to travel to Poona Village in Havelian, and then you’d have to climb down for approximately 15 minutes from the parking lot to the water stream below.
  • The waterway is devoid of fish, but the water is clean.
  • Within the last 10 minutes of the umbrella waterfall trek, a Rock Repelling rope is enjoyable to use and is free

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